Creating with “I AM” Statements

September 23, 2009

There is a perfect Universal system that allows us to create anything we wish to experience. It starts with a decision of what we truly desire in our life and then declaring it with two simple words: “I AM.”

This declaration we make – to ourselves and to the Universe – is our state of Being. We are Source Energy in a physical body, having an earthly experience. The expression of that experience is our state of Being. This is articulated through the statement, “I AM…” followed by whatever we choose to express.

Our “I AM” statements set the stage, so to speak, of what our life experience will be in any given area. “I AM” sends a message to all the cells of our being and all the levels of our consciousness about what we choose to express at this point in time. Everything lines up then to help us express that state of Being. “Having” comes after “being.” We must BE something before the physical manifestations appear in our lives.

It’s like a magical formula: Every “I AM” changes our vibrational frequency, which causes instantaneous internal transformational shifts that generate new thoughts followed by new speech patterns followed by new actions followed by new results.

The Universe doesn’t make judgments on what we decide our lives will be. So it’s up to us to choose our state of Being, our “I AMs,” to set Universal forces in motion to deliver to us that which we desire. The choice is endless: I AM… wealthy. I AM… poor. I AM… sick and tired. I AM… vibrant and healthy,… I AM creating millions of dollars. Or, to put it even more powerfully, we use nouns instead of adjectives: “I AM wealth.” “I AM vibrant health.”

For example, the simple statement of “I AM vibrant health,” sends a message to your conscious, thinking mind that you are choosing health as a way of life. It sends a message to your subconscious mind to line up experiences which allow you to express this health and vibrancy. This “I AM” alerts the superconscious mind, your Soul or Higher Self, that you are actively choosing the expression of health and vibrancy, which puts Universal principles of cause and effect, as well as the Law of Attraction, to work for you.

Additionally, this statement of “I AM vibrant health” sends a message to your body, at a cellular level, that health and vibrancy are the expectation. The cells immediately begin aligning themselves to express vibrant health. Your subconscious and conscious minds begin coming up with ways in which you can practice and express this vibrant health, such as eating superfoods and exercising.

What a marvelous system! Once we decisively declare what the expression of our life is going to be, everything in our lives moves in that direction to make it so.

The angst and hard work are taken out of our hands. The “how” is not our concern. All we need to do is decide what life expression we want to experience on any given subject, declare it to ourselves and to the Universe, and then take inspired action.

Yes, that’s right, there are going to be action steps to take. The “I AM” statement is the all-important decision and declaration of choice, and the “how” is the province of inter-related Universal forces, then it’s up to us to take action steps as inspired by our Higher Self. The messages that come to us through intuition and synchronicity, among other forms, are the inspiration that will move us into our desired physical life experience.

To continue the example of deciding to have a healthy and vibrant life experience, if we are trying to decide what to have for breakfast one morning, either a donut or some granola with bananas, we may feel a tug-of-war within: There’s a side of us that craves the donut, and another side of us that thinks granola may be the healthier choice. Getting back into the space of declaring ourselves to the Universe through the statement, “I AM vibrant health!” lines us up with choices that will express this state of health and vibrancy. From that declarative state, the choice between granola and a donut is easy.

And let’s talk about the occurrence of really inspired action steps. From that feeling of BEING healthy and vibrant, and wanting to express it in every way possible, we go on with our daily life. Out of the blue, a co-worker mentions starting up a kickball team. Something inside of us says, “Yes! That would be a fun way to be healthy!” That’s our Higher Guidance talking. The inspired action step of this equation is to go ahead and sign up to be on the kickball team.

The formula is very clear in this example:

1) “I AM” statement expressing what we choose to experience

2) Our mind and body, along with the Universe, gear up to create opportunity for us

3) We are presented with steps to take that will support us in creating the state of Being that we declared

To have a radically new lifestyle, to create bigger and better things, it clearly follows that a radically new state of Being must be created. New, empowering “I AM” statements must be declared. We then allow the Universe to handle the “hows,” and follow Divine Guidance with inspired action steps.

The dedication involved with clearly declaring an “I AM” statement creates a state of Being with leads to transformations in our external, physical life. That’s the message behind the statements, “As within, so without,” and “First, Know Thyself.”

Go ahead, don’t be shy. Declare what you envision for your life experience using clear and powerful “I AM” statements, and prepare for some wonderful, dramatic changes.


Harrison Klein is the principal creator of “The Masters Gathering” and is a Transformational Coach teaching self-mastery and the “I AM” Principles. You can visit Harrison at:


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September 16, 2009

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All-encompassing Abundance

September 15, 2009

Lack. Scarcity. Poverty. All of these are conditions that stem from a mindset of false, limiting beliefs. Any kind of scarcity is not part of the natural order of our world. People who are poor are actually experiencing a state of consciousness that lacks wealth. The Universe has more than enough for everyone in every way possible. Just a glance at our Earth tells us that – we are surrounded by the natural abundance of sunshine, water, vegetation, and pure life. It’s all-encompassing. Truly, the only limits we have are those that spring from our own minds. Abundance, prosperity, and wealth are our birthright.

Whenever we get into a place where we feel that something is lacking, the key is to understand that, in truth, we already have everything we desire in the Field of All Possibilities. It is not a matter of creating what we want, it’s a matter of realizing and remembering the fact that we originate from and are made up of Source Energy and we already have anything we desire. Once we remember this, we can experience who we truly are, which is an extension of joyous, abundant Source Energy.

Scarcity is a human misperception. In addition, there is a poverty consciousness going on – we hear about it all day long in our news. Here’s the fix for that: We can choose not to participate. We can simply choose to express a wealth consciousness instead, a mindset in which we understand that we already have everything we desire.

Where does “desire” come from in the first place? Desire comes from our Inner Being. Inherent within the desire are the components and mechanics for its fulfillment. Just by virtue of having the desire in the first place means that the mechanics for making it a reality are possible. We wouldn’t be able to conceive of a desire unless we also had the ability to bring it forth into our life experience. Ideas have an energy of their own, and any idea we have is capable of becoming reality, simply by holding the image with consistency, belief and certainty, and then taking inspired action. That’s the act of creating.

Abundance is the natural order of the Universe, and so it is our natural birthright as well. And we’re not talking about just money, but all-encompassing abundance, in all areas.

How Your Purpose And Passions Will Bring You Wealth.

September 14, 2009


September 14, 2009

When first working with the Law of Attraction, people often wonder about how their dreams and desires can manifest more quickly and easily. Sometimes it seems as if all the goal-setting and intention-setting just aren’t working.

While there are several ways to fine tune the manifestation process, one of the least talked-about is the role that true desire plays. Our results at manifestation are going to be lukewarm if there’s no real passion behind the intentions in the first place.

Manifesting comes through what we think about, it’s true, but there’s more to the process. We need an alignment of our thoughts and feelings, coupled with our words and actions. All of those elements need to be lined up to make manifestation easy and effortless. And the way to make sure that all these elements line up is to simply go for what we truly desire.

Often people set goals for what their family or society tells them to (medical school or a 50-foot yacht, for instance). We’re inundated with messages from others telling us what we “should” be going for. A big mansion and a fast sports car aren’t necessarily important to everyone; they’re just included in that list of what society deems “important.” If you’re passionate about the mansion and car, definitely put them on your “dream list.” If you could care less about those things, leave them off your list. The easiest, fastest way to manifestation is to focus on what you really want, what you truly desire. When goal-setting, it’s important to ask yourself, “Is this something I think I should want, or is it a true desire?”

For example, if you’re trying to get a promotion at your job just so you can save enough money to retire in twenty years and be a tour guide in Spain, then your dream is to be a tour guide in Spain, not advancing in your job. Why continue to put all your time, effort and energy into the job, when your real desire is tour guiding in Spain? You may need to keep working at the job for a while and doing the best you can, but it’s important to focus your thoughts, words and actions on the dream, not on things you don’t want in your life or on what society thinks you should do. The real power in manifesting comes from first aligning with your true desires, before taking the step of goal- and intention-setting.To do this alignment, get in touch with all the good feelings associated with
your dream. Imagine how it feels to already have the manifestation of that desire.

Feel the emotions of gratitude and joy as if your true desire has already manifested. Involve your senses in your visualizations, tasting, smelling, hearing and feeling all the parts of your manifestation. Use the magnificent creative ability in your mind to make it seem as real as possible. From this place of certainty, the things you infuse with true desire will manifest effortlessly.


September 8, 2009

Have you been setting intentions and goals, but never seem to quite manifest them? There are several reasons for this, but one of the less-obvious roadblocks to effortless manifestation is going for something we’re not really passionate about in the first place.
Really, the first step to effortless manifestation is to ascertain your true desire. The next step is to align your thoughts and physical steps with your desire. When these are all fully aligned, manifestations come quickly and easily.
A lot of people set goals for what they think they should want, or what someone else wants for them. That’s not a true desire. In order for this manifestation thing to work, you’ve got to be going for what you want. It’s worth taking the time to examine your goals and get down to the nitty-gritty: Ask yourself, “Is this something I truly want, or something I think I should want?”
For example, a friend of mine was trying to make Vice President of his company, for the status and the big paycheck. But his real plan was to, after saving up enough money, quit his job and buy a couple of fishing boats in a small village in Mexico and live out his days fishing and taking tourists out on fishing trips. See the difference there? His plan for a promotion never quite manifested, despite a lot of time and effort trying to make it happen. If he had just used his considerable talents and brains towards setting up a small fishing business in Mexico (or even, as a start, in his own town), he would be well on his way to manifestation of his true desire.
Once there’s a true desire and dream in place, thoughts and actions can align powerfully to make it a reality. The way to do this alignment is to get in touch with the good-feeling emotions around it. Imagine how you would feel if you had already accomplished the manifestation of that desire. Feel the emotion of joy and gratitude you would have. Taste the tastes, smell the smells, see the sights, hear the sounds, feel the movement and rhythm. Make it real in your mind. Revisit it in your mind every now and then until it feels absolutely familiar to you, as if it’s a natural part of your daily existence. From that place of certainty, feeling as if your desire is already part of your life, its manifestation will be effortless.

Self Mastery: Mastering Your Thoughts

September 7, 2009

Did you know that you’re a Being of opposites? In regards to money, there’s a Rich you and a Poor You. In regards to health, there’s a Healthy, Vibrant You and a Sick You. In regards to satisfaction, there’s a Joyful You and a Miserable You. And there are a lot of variations in between the two opposite poles. The good news is that you get to choose which of those you want to be. The question is, which are you choosing?

Scientists (and spiritual masters, actually) tell us that all possibilities and options that we could ever conceive of already exist in the here and now. They tell us that our life experience is directed by what we choose to focus on. It’s our choice! We can choose to focus on poverty and lack, or on abundance and wealth. We can choose to think, talk and act like a healthy person, or talk negatively about our body and health. We can choose to search out experiences that bring happiness and joy, and we can also choose to express joy in everything we do… or we can be moody and surly and sad.

How do you change your situation and life experiences? Good question. The first step is to ignore what’s going on around you and focus, instead, on what’s going on inside. Focus on what you’re thinking and feeling. Then delve a little deeper and figure out what old belief patterns are running your thoughts and your life.

If you’re unhappy with any situation in your life, remember that you are choosing what you focus on and give your attention to. You can just as easily choose to re-direct your focus. Focus on where you want your life to go and on the things you desire – not on the things that get you upset and dejected. The more attention you give those negative life situations, the more you’ll see of the same.

Freedom comes when you understand that anything outside of you is merely a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. Then you realize that anything in your life can be changed merely by changing your thoughts. Sounds simple, and it is. It might take a little practice, it’s not always easy, but it’s definitely a simple system. This is what self-mastery is about: mastering your thoughts and creating the life YOU choose.

Harrison Klein is the principal creator of “The Masters Gathering” and is a Transformational Coach teaching self-mastery and the “I AM” Principles. You can visit Harrison at: or send him an email at , with “Harrison, transform my life!” in the subject line.

Master Your Reality

August 28, 2009

I get asked this question all the time:
“How come I keep setting intentions, but all the things I want aren’t coming to
me?” We can set intentions all day long, but if the three levels of our
consciousness aren’t in harmony, they kinda work to cancel each other out.

See, learning to apply Universal Laws allows us to master our reality, and one
of the first steps is to understand the relationship between our three minds,
the conscious, subconscious and the Superconscious.

The conscious mind is designed for one thing: It allows us to focus our
attention in this space/time continuum we call Earth. In the field of all
possibilities, it is our conscious mind that chooses which of the possibilities
we will experience on the physical plane. In essence, the conscious mind is just
a tool whose function it is to focus our thoughts. And, like any tool, we become
more skilled in its use as we practice.

Working with intentions is a little tricky, but the easiest way is to let go.
I’ll explain: With the conscious mind, make a choice for your future, and then
let the choice-making process alone. Let it go. Don’t rethink or imagine
multiple outcomes and multiple experiences. That just brings mixed results
instead of what we really desire. Worry and second-guessing sends a mixed
vibration (conflicting instructions) to the Universe, which is already –
instantly – lining up to deliver whatever we ask. This conscious mind tool, all
it needs is to be focused clearly and only on the results wanted, then we simply
let go and trust that what we want will automatically manifest.

The subconscious mind (the part we’re not consciously directing) is divinely
intelligent and designed to be at our service. It’s the universal part of us
that works behind the scenes, bringing our desires into physical manifestation.
This is also the mechanism by which our world keeps functioning around us
without having to directly do anything. We can go to sleep and wake up, and
nothing has collapsed, thanks to this part of consciousness. There’s a lot in
our life that can be handled automatically by our subconscious if we just stop
worrying, let go and start living.

The tricky thing with the subconscious is that is houses all our beliefs about
who we are and how the world works. If there’s a subconscious belief that
contradicts a desire, the Universe is receiving conflicting instructions and
manifestation is slowed. It’s vitally important to uncover non-serving negative
beliefs and change them to align with how we want our life to look. (I go into
this in greater depth in my e-coaching course, “The 11 Principles of Being.”)

The 3rd part of this equation is the Superconscious, also called the Higher Self
or Soul. It gives us messages designed to lead us to moments that keep us
growing and keep us moving towards greater awareness of who we really are –
beings of pure love and joy, connected to and part of Source Energy. The Higher
Self communicates through Insights, coincidence, synchronicity, intuition, etc.
When we pay attention to these messages and align our subconscious and conscious
minds to it, anything and everything is possible! That is the process of